How Big Should My Rottweiler Be?

Is My Rottweiler too small

Rottweiler owners often ask me certain questions about the size, development, and growth of their dogs or pups almost every day.

There is a Rottweiler FAQ that I see frequently that indicates that a lot of Rottweiler owners are nearly obsessed by the size and look of their dogs, and there are a number of them that worry that their little girl, or little guy, isn’t quite measuring up.

Rottweilers weren’t’ bred originally to be giant or extra large dogs, and people who breed them to be this way don’t have the individual dog’s best interests at heart, or even the breed as a whole. To learn a lot about the perfect Rottweiler, take a gander into the Rottweiler breed standard page, and especially the paragraphs on size, proportion, and substance.

It’s not always better to be bigger, and this is certainly true right now. If you try to make a puppy grow up faster, bigger, or better than is coming naturally, it can cause all sorts of health problems, and some of them can be extremely serious, and none of them should ever be tried.

It’s also critical to know that Rottweilers are incredibly slow to reach their maturity, and adult size. They will reach their full height prior to reaching their full weight, too, and they can look a little bit out of proportion during this time. Basically, a Rottweiler will be fully mature at around two years of age, and some of the bigger male dogs can take a little longer to bulk up as well, and they might take a long time to gain all their muscle development and weight too.

There is not really any such thing as an average Rottweiler, and every single dog is an individual dog, and there are some basic guidelines for weight gain and growth in Rottweiler puppies, and you can learn a lot more information on the Rottweiler Puppy Growth Chart.

Also, remember that there is a ton more to a Rottweiler besides its size, and they are amazingly loyal, loving, courageous, and intelligent dogs, and they should be appreciated for their amazing looks, and their awesome companionship and personalities as well.

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