How Big Are Rottweilers?

When does a Rottweiler stop his growth phase? You will certainly know something when you set out donuts on the countertop, and you come home, and you see a Rottweiler that has a powdered nose. All jokes aside, though, Rottweilers are like big, gentle friends, and they often grow steadily and slowly.

Puppy Growth

Rottweilers take a long time to grow. It is a very steady growth phase, and it takes a long time. You might wonder how long it is going to take for them to grow up into proud, handsome dogs, like the kinds that you’ve read about in the breed books. You need to get ready for some thumb-twiddling though. It can take them a lot of time to stop growing. The ideal pace for a dog of this size is steady and slow too. If you attempt to hurry it up by feeding them too much, the pooch that is pampered can get serious joint and bone problems or develop other issues. Basically, the majority of the rapid growth in this dog appears to happen between when they are born and eight months.

Height Growth

When there’s a lot of rapid growth, you may see a phase of your Rottweiler that is out of proportion and awkward. This gangly, thin phase is transitory, however. Basically, you should expect that a Rottweiler will have reached 75 percent of his growth by six months of age. You can know that your Rottweiler will have reached 100% of its height between 12 months of age and two years of age. He will look a little leggy during this phase, before he puts on a lot of muscle and weight. The puppy stage, where he is ugly, will be over soon, and your Rottweiler go from an ugly duckling to a serious representative of this dog breed.

Weight Growth

Generally, basic puppies will increase from between four and five ounces each day for the initial six months, and when he reaches the age of four months, you can guess your Rottweiler’s adult weight by just taking his weight and then doubling it and adding ten pounds. When he reaches six months of age, you can estimate that your puppy will have reached almost 66% of his total weight. Once the Rottweiler reaches his total height, he will eventually “fill up” well and add on weight. If you are looking for a general figure, think about the fact that your Rottweiler will continue to put on height and weight between 18 months of age and two years old, or perhaps longer in some instances.

Final Growth

It is important to find out who the parents of your Rottweiler are. Your Rottweiler’s parentage is vital because it can you a good idea about how large your Rottweiler can get, but, of course, there are very few rules that are written in stone. As a general rule, you basically know your Rottweiler has ceased growing at the point he has attained the height and weight standards of the breed. Male Rottweilers can grow to be between 24 and 27 inches in height at the shoulders, and that’s according to what the AKC says. Females, on the other hand, will reach a height in between 22 to 25 inches.

The Rottweiler’s body length, proportionally, should be longer than the height. Rottweiler weights can range from 92 pounds for females to 110 pounds for males.

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