Powerful and robust, the Rottweiler is most content when he has a job to do. His willingness to work, endurance, and intelligence make him great as a devoted companion, obedience competitor, therapy dog, service dog, herder, and police dog, and he is suitable in all those capacities. The Rottweiler is a protector by nature, and it will respond quietly and be self-confidence. It has an attitude of waiting to see what happens. A Rottweiler is basically of a medium size, and it has rust to mahogany markings on a black coat.

The origin of the Rottweiler is that they were dogs for drovers, and they would accompany them in the herds that Romans took with them when they were going through Europe. The controllable guarding and herding instincts were seen by the Germans, and the dogs were certainly bred to bring about these traits. When the needs for its services went down, the Rottweiler almost went into a kind of extinction. In the beginning part of the 1900′s, there was a new club that was set up to help form the breed standard. The breed hasn’t changed very much since that time.

Is this the right breed for you? Rottweilers love the people they take care of, and they could behave in kind of a clownish way toward their friends and family, but they are also extremely protective of their territory, and don’t welcome strangers until the strangers are introduced to their homes in the right way. Socialization and obedience training a serious must. Rottweilers have to get exercise each day, and they need some basic grooming maintenance too.

Here’s a few little know facts about the Rottweiler

If you live with a Rottweiler, it means you are going to have a sometimes fierce, protective, and loyal guard dog who will want to cuddle on your lap too. They will also like to clown around the house. They are vigilant and intimidating against strangers, but when they are with their masters, they can be just like huge old babies that like to snuggle. They like fart and drool with complete abandon, in total freedom.

Social Faux Pas Rottweilers fart and drool – a lot. After they drink or eat, they actually like to slobber. You might see some saliva dripping down onto your feet too. This action is certainly prevalent in huge females and males who have big heads and saggy jowls too. One more factor of life with a Rottweiler is the gas that they have, and it’s the type that can clear out a room in a couple of seconds too. A lot of dog foods will make the problem worse because the ingredients are high in fiber, and they use grains, corn, and the like. Home-cooked meals that are chock full of meat can make the problem not as bad. It is important to check with your veterinarian before you change your dog’s diet, though.

Loving and Goofy Side Rottweilers have gotten sort of a bad reputation as a breed, and it’s usually because people haven’t trained and socialized them, and have bred them to be aggressive. You have to carefully pick a dog who has a sweet temperament, and you discover him, you could be surprised how funny and affectionate he is. Rottweilers enjoy a lot of physical contact without he people they love, and some people think of them as lap dogs. They can also be very engaging, and they can surprise you with their funny, fun, and entertaining nature.

Employable Rottweilers are great at working. They’er persistent, strong, and smart dogs who enjoy facing challenges and performing tasks. You can see them in a number of different professions, working as tracking, service and therapy, search and rescue, police, and farm dogs. If those aren’t good for you and your Rottweiler, you both might enjoy tracking and protection, obedience sports, advanced training or even Schutzhund, obedience competitions, or agility courses.

Advocacy People who have Rottweilers must deal with all the insurance policies that don’t cover them, legislation that puts bans or limits on these dogs, misinformation, and negative stereotypes. However, without solid training and firm leadership, Rottweilers can become dangerous and vicious. However, people who are loyal to this breed have shown that with the right guidance, skills, and socialization, these dogs can make family members that are very highly valued, and they can also be great contributors to society. Groups like the American Rottweiler Club offer information and support to anyone who advocates for these dogs and loves them.

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